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California Lottery

Great California State Lottery began in year 1984 was intended to provide money from to schools without imposing extra taxes.The Lottery was required to provide at least 34 porcent of its revenues to public education, supplementing other funds provided by California state. The California State Lottery Act of year 1984, authorizing the creation of a lottery. California joined Mega Millions Jackpot on month June 22 of Year 2005; it became the 12ยบ jurisdiction to offer this game, and the last to join before the 2010 cross sell expansion with Multi State Association. Mega Millions Lottery drawing was held in Hollywood to commemorate the event. Big US Lotteries: Ca Lottery, California Lottery consisting of various games of chance for you, is a government regulated form of gambling. All the California Lottery games have a minimum age of 18 years. California Lottery offers different games for you.